The Band John Lennon Called ‘True Sons Of The Beatles,’ Steve Hackett Reveals

Steve Hackett recently spoke to Goldmine Magazine, sharing that the Beatles’ John Lennon once dubbed a band as the ‘true sons of The Beatles.’

In the interview, Hackett spoke at length about his solo endeavors, his time with Genesis, and some recollections from his musical past. When he was asked about the due time of his next album, the guitarist recalled something Lennon said:

“Probably around February of next year if everything goes very well, provided everything falls into place and works at the speed of light, as John Lennon once said. He turned out to be a big Genesis fan, calling us true sons of The Beatles, which was rather lovely. It’s the best review I’ve ever had.”

In 2022, Hackett again said that Lennon, in a radio interview, spoke about two bands he considered to be the ‘true sons’ of The Beatles – Electric Light Orchestra (ELO) and Genesis. He also revealed that Lennon had a collection of Genesis records, starting from their ‘Nursery Cryme’ album.

Hackett, in previous discussions, has been open about the Beatles’ influence on Genesis. The guitarist told Guitar Player in 2019 that their 1967 album ‘Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band’ played a big role in initiating the album era and influencing British psychedelia. He claimed that this was the backdrop against which Genesis was founded.

The 50th anniversary of the Genesis’ ‘Foxtrot’ sees Hackett on tour, playing the album in full, including tracks that rarely saw the stage in the past.

This celebration has been documented in a new release titled ‘Foxtrot at Fifty – Live in Brighton.‘ Available in various formats, this collection includes contributions from Nad Sylvan on vocals, Roger King on keyboards, Craig Blundell on drums, Jonas Reingold on bass, and Rob Townsend handling woodwinds.