The Backlash Chris Daughtry Ignited After ‘Unpatriotic’ Remarks

It’s important to remember that every celebrity, like any individual, can have moments where they make remarks or decisions they later regret. These instances are a part of being in the public eye, as it also applied to Chris Daughtry at one point in his career.

After a 2014 appearance on Fox & Friends, the singer faced criticism when the hosts asked him to sing a patriotic song for the D-Day anniversary during the show’s All-American Summer Concert Series and he rejected. Chris seemed uncomfortable by the suggestion and said:

“I’m off the clock. I’m going to watch ‘y’all.”

When the audience was asked to sing a song, Daughtry walked off the stage. However, this upset many people on Twitter, with one fan saying that U.S. soldiers didn’t stop their duty on D-Day. Later on, the musician released a video message and apologized for his statements with the following words:

“I was thrown off. I panicked. It was absolutely disrespectful. Poor choice of words, terrible judgment on my part. … I wish that I could have pulled it together.”

He continued, reflecting on the dedication of the troops in contrast to his own actions:

“What I do is miniscule in comparison, and I will never live up to what they did for our country. Fortunately, our troops have never said I am off the clock when they had to do what they had to do.”

In his concluding remarks, Daughtry further shared his feelings about the incident, explaining:

“Everyone has a moment in their life that they regret very deeply, and this is at the top of my list. It hurts my heart to know that I have disrespected the men and women fighting every day. I apologize for offending any of our troops, any of the men and women who have served past or present. I’m sorry.”

Many people, including service members and their families, accepted the singer’s apology. However, not everyone was content with it, as they expressed their anger on Twitter.