The Allman Brothers Band’s Warren Haynes Says It’s Scary To Lose Rock Legends

During a recent chat with Salon’s David Masciotra, the former Allman Brothers Band guitarist Warren Haynes shared that the absence of many respected musicians who played a significant role in shaping the music is concerning.

When asked how it feels to lose influential figures, Haynes replied:

“It is a bit scary that so many of the people that created the music we fell in love with are no longer with us. I would like to think that the timelessness, importance, and integrity of it will inspire people to keep it alive.”

Still, he hopes that their music will be appreciated:

“I hope that people realize the difference between trendy music and timeless music. There is always a place for pop music, but there’s always a place for music that aspires to go beyond that and to offer music lovers something much more challenging and inspired.”

In his social media accounts, the guitarist frequently posts tribute messages to rock legends who passed away. Following Jeff Beck’s death, he wrote:

“So, now when someone asks me, ‘Who’s your favorite guitarist — living or dead?’ I will say what I always say: ‘I can’t answer that.’ But my very short list will include Jeff. There will never be another Jeff Beck. RIP.”

Haynes also honored the legacy of the late Lynyrd Skynyrd guitarist Gary Rossington, who died in March, with a special live performance at the CMT Awards on April 2. Slash and Billy Gibbons also joined him on stage.