The Album Steven Tyler Made Out Of Resentment

At one point during their music careers, almost all artists find pursuing a solo career appealing. For instance, the Beatles members all released a solo album in 1970 when the band split. Likewise, Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young released successful albums and decided to follow a solo path. KISS also saw solo efforts from each member; they released their own solo albums simultaneously, which marked the first time all current members of a rock band had released solo albums on the same day.

This urge to focus on solo projects and come up with a solo album mostly coincides with the hiatus of the artists’ bands. However, this wasn’t the case for Steven Tyler. After the release of ‘Music From Another Dimension!,’ Aerosmith didn’t have something planned for the band’s future. This creative inactivity made Tyler realize something: he didn’t have any solo efforts, unlike his bandmates. As a result, the Demon Of Screamin’ decided it was time to make a solo album.

Following the release of their 2012 album ‘Music From Another Dimension!,’ Aerosmith spent their years touring. In 2014, the band embarked on their Let The Rock Rule tour with Slash as the opening act. After the tour, fans and the media expected a sixteenth studio album from the band, but Aerosmith didn’t know what the future held.

During this period, Steven Tyler realized he had never made a solo effort before. He looked at his bandmates and saw that they all had solo projects: Joe Perry had already released five solo albums, and Brad Whitford had his own project with singer Derek St. Holmes. This urged Tyler to start working on the country record ‘We’re All Somebody From Somewhere.’

“I mean, I love Aerosmith,” Steven Tyler told Goldmine in an interview in 2016, “and I’m looking forward to going on tour in South America this October, November. But this is a real hoot. I’ve never done a solo anything, and I got jealous that the other guys in the band did. So I took a year off. It’s been a little longer, but I think you’ll like what you hear.”

A month after Steven Tyler released his forthcoming album’s lead single ‘Love is Your Name,’ Aerosmith embarked on their Blue Army Tour. Upon the tour’s conclusion, the singer completed the work on his ‘We’re All Somebody From Somewhere’ after releasing the second and third singles.

Meanwhile, Joe Perry worked with Hollywood Vampires, Brad Whitford re-joined Derek St. Holmes for a tour, and Tom Hamilton joined Thin Lizzy for several shows. After a period of inactivity for Aerosmith, the band decided to embark on a nine-date tour of Latin America: the 2016 Rock’ N’ Roll Rumble Tour.

‘We’re All Somebody From Somewhere’ marked the beginning of Steven Tyler’s solo career. Following the release, he embarked on his Out On A Limb tour to support the album. It was a brand new experience for the musician to have his own solo effort and hit the road to promote it with the support of the Loving Mary Band.