Terrifying Fire At Falling In Reverse Show: Two Band Members Injured

Falling In Reverse’s recent concert at the Sonic Temple Art + Music Festival in Columbus, OH left two band members injured.

Drummer Luke Holland and guitarist Christian Thompson got some small burns during the performance. Holland shared a video on X with an ice pack on his arm and wrote:

“Welp, that was a first. Arm is burnt to sh*t from the stage pyro. Sorry, we had to stop twice because of the fire malfunction. Thanks to the crowd for still going insane for us. Time to heal up.”

It Was Hard To Play On Stage

When a fan from the show posted a video of the band’s performance and said they could feel the heat from the fire even from 50 feet away, Holland replied:

“At the end of this song was where it really started to burn my left arm. If someone has the end of the song on video, you can see me struggling to survive & play the song.”

The rocker shared another video from the gig and revealed:

“We had to stop the set a couple times because of the pyro. Yes, I’m okay, powered through it, light burns on my left arm. Still crushed the show & all the fans were amazing for still going crazy for us. But this video shows the flames were basically touching me.”

The Band’s Setlist And Upcoming Shows

Thompson also had a bandage on his right shoulder as seen in the video Holland shared. During their performance, frontman Ronnie Radke entertained the crowd with songs like ‘The Drug in Me is You’ and ‘Popular Monster.’ However, the show paused after ‘Watch the World Burn’ because of the injuries by the pyrotechnics. It took a few tries, but they managed to finish the song before getting help from paramedics.

Falling In Reverse now will prepare for their Popular Monster Tour starting on August 18 in Nampa, Idaho. Besides North American shows, the band will also perform at Louder Than Life, We Missed Ourselves Fest, and Aftershock Festival. They will release their new album ‘Popular Monster’ on July 26, 2024. The group’s new single ‘Ronald’ arrived earlier this month.