Ted Nugent’s Wife Shemane Says She May Get Banned From Social Media After Her Latest Post

Ted Nugent’s wife and fitness instructor, Shemane Nugent, shared a memory from one of her hunts on Instagram even though she is sure she will be targeted by animal rights activists and might even get banned from these platforms after the post.

As you may know, Ted Nugent has been interested in hunting for a very long time, as it turned out to be his greatest passion other than music. Thus, he has been accused of violating animals’ right to live by different organizations founded to protect them. However, Nugent has responded by saying that animals don’t have any rights and highlighting the benefits of hunting for nature and humanity.

Alongside her husband, who’s also Hunter Nation’s spokesperson, Shemane Nugent also stated that hunting is necessary to control the animal population and help the families in need by donating them. Therefore, she doesn’t feel any guilt or shame for sharing her photos with dead animals after the hunts.

In her recent Instagram post, Shemane posted a photo in which she was posing with a dead animal even though she knows that she will receive hateful messages from animal activists. She added that she might get banned from social media because of this photo, but she doesn’t care because Shemane is proud of helping people by hunting wild animals.

Here’s what Shame Nugent wrote on her recent IG post:

“The funny thing is, I’ll get some hate for posting this photo. It’s inevitable. I may even get banned on the last 2 social media platforms I have left. But whenever there’s a power outage for a long period of time or Y2K fears (who remembers that?) suddenly friends call asking if they could come & stay with us because we are self-sufficient.

They know we won’t starve. However, it’s not easy to get your dinner with a sharp stick. It takes strict marksmanship and grace. We would all be healthier if we took the time and effort to procure our dinner this way. More people are returning to this traditional way of life. Grass-fed venison is in high demand. It’s lean and healthy. We donate tons of venison to the homeless, soup kitchens, veterans, churches, family, and friends.

So, hate away. I’m a proud hunter. I’ll survive.”

You can check out the photo below.

Photo Credit: Shemane Nugent – Instagram