Ted Nugent’s Wife Shemane Says ‘I Am Putting My Trust In God’ As She Addresses The Division In US


Former Amboy Dukes lead guitarist Ted Nugent’s wife Shemane Nugent shared a post on her official Instagram page revealing that she has been praying for the past year more than ever and putting her trust in God after the tragic incidents that have happened both in the United States and the world.

As you already know, the world has been struggling with many devastating incidents for the past year. The first catastrophic event that comes to everybody’s mind is, still continuous, the coronavirus pandemic. However, in addition to COVID-19, so many more happened like the Australian bushfires, the police-involved killing of George Floyd, and a massive explosion at a Beirut port.

Recently, another one added to the list when protestors, who were promoted by President Trump, began to unite by the thousands on the U.S. Capitol after a session of Congress debating challenges to Joe Biden’s electoral victory.

The incident rapidly took a turn and protest turned into an insurrection and domestic terrorism with thousands of people as protesters pushed past barriers, overwhelmed police lines, and stormed through the building.

Since Shemane Nugent is quite an active social media user and openly speaks about her approach when it comes to political issues, she recently shared a post on her official Instagram page revealing that she has been praying more than ever after the division in both the United States and the world. Shemane stated that she is putting her trust in God in order to overcome the challenges.

Here is what Nugent said:

“We are living in very challenging times. There is so much division in this country and the world. I’ve opened my bible and been on my knees praying more in the past year than ever before. I’m putting my trust in God. Answer ‘yes’ in the comment section below if you are, too.”

In addition to this, Shemane Nugent also asked her fans whether they are doing the same during these dark times and asked for them to comment ‘yes’ should they put their faith and trust in God just like she revealed in her recent post on Instagram.