Ted Nugent’s Wife Shemane Hints That She Contracted The Virus Too And Reveals Their Secret Antidote

Rock musician and conservative political activist Ted Nugent’s wife, the famous fitness instructor Shemane Nugent, recently posted a photo on her Instagram account in which she can be seen sitting next to her husband and revealed the therapy that helped them both get back on their feet.

The Nugents are known for their controversial claims in numerous matters, but especially for their dismissive attitude towards COVID-19. There have been instances that both Ted and Shemane had claimed that the virus isn’t real and had refused to get vaccinated because it’s a hoax.

As you may recall, over a week ago, Ted Nugent made it to the headlines of rock news when he announced that he tested positive for COVID-19. During a Facebook live, he had expressed the extreme pain he felt after contracting the virus by saying ‘I thought I was dying.’ However, his wife Shemane Nugent hadn’t made any announcements regarding her state of health until her recent post.

In the photo that she recently posted on her Instagram, Shemane can be seen receiving a ‘little vitamin iv drip‘ in order to boost her immune system. Although this provided the first clue, the fact that the recently recovered COVID-19 patient Ted Nugent is sitting quite close to her and receiving a drip too, confirmed the suspicions that Shemane also contracted the virus.

Here’s what Shemane Nugent said in the caption of her post:

“Getting a little vitamin iv drip.”

This is what a follower asked:

“And what is Ted doing on the other end of the couch? I hope you’re okay.”

To which Shemane responded:

He’s doing it too!”

You can check out her Instagram post and comment below.

Photo Credit: Shemane Nugent – Instagram