Ted Nugent Will Auction More Than 400 Personal Items Including Guitars And Guns From His Collection

Rock veteran Ted Nugent shared a post on his official Instagram page announcing that there will be an auction including more than 400 items from his personal collection in which there are custom guns, guitars, concert equipment, and his personal archery equipment along with many on March 27 at 10 a.m.

As many of you know, Ted Nugent has a huge collection of guns from personal carry guns, to presentation guns all of which are custom made for Nugent and his love for guns is not a surprise to many fans as he’s a huge advocate of the right to bear arms, along with currently serving on the Board of Directors of the National Rifle Association.

In addition to his passion for guns, Ted Nugent also has a music career that spans over 57 years and he is known for his Gibson Byrdland, however, along with that Gibson, Nugent has a collection of guitars that he gained throughout his long career including iconic guitars such as Gibson Les Pauls, Fender Strat, and early Paul Reed Smith prototype.

Due to the fact that Ted Nugent is a legend in the rock and roll community regardless of his political views, there are many fans who find his belongings quite precious, that’s the fact that makes his collection and each item in the collection worth seeing.

Therefore, Ted Nugent recently shared a post on his official Instagram page announcing that he’s auctioning his collection of guitars, guns, and other items from his personal collections under the name of ‘The Ted Nugent Guns, Guitars & Hot Tod Cars Auction.’ This auction in which there are more than 400 items will be happening on March 27 at 10 a.m., at Tucker Hall, Waco, Texas.

Here is what Nugent said:

“The Ted Nugent Guns, Guitars & Hot Rod Cars Auction. Featuring over 400 items from the personal collection of Ted Nugent. A fine collection of custom Ted Nugent guns, & personal carry guns, a fine collection of rare, prototype, & one of a kind guitars from Ted Nugent’s personal collection: 1958 Gibson Les Paul, 1959 Gibson Les Paul, 1956 Fender Strat, Black Gibson Byrdland, Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul, early Paul Reed Smith prototype & one of a kind Ted Nugent guitars, rare custom guitars, Ted’s vintage touring equipment including his entire backline, pyrotechnic stage guns, tour used speaker cabinets, concert equipment & stage decor, fully restored 1968 Ford Bronco, custom 2015 Dodge Hellcat Challenger, over 200 of Ted’s personal firearms featuring custom Ted Nugent guns, presentation guns, Ted Nugent ammo, a vast selection of Ted’s personal archery equipment, memorabilia & more! All personally owned by Ted & covered with Nugent mojo. Link in bio”

You can see the Instagram post here.