Ted Nugent Targets Dee Snider For Calling Trump Supporters ‘MAGA Freaks’

Ted Nugent recently spoke during the new episode of his Ted Nugent Spirit Campfire show and targeted Dee Snider for describing Trump supporters as MAGA Freaks.

When it comes to politics, Dee Snider is an outspoken person who doesn’t refrain from saying what he has in mind. Snider mainly uses his social media accounts to interact with fans and discuss the current political issues in the US. Although Alice Cooper believes this is an abuse of power, the Twisted Sister icon strongly disagrees with him.

Twisted Sister’s classic hit ‘We’re Not Gonna Take It’ has been used in many campaigns and advertisements. In fact, Donald Trump also used it as the theme song of his 2016 presidential campaign. Although Trump and Snider were friends at that time, Snider later respectfully asked the former president to stop using the song as he disagreed with many of his stances.

Like Dee Snider, Ted Nugent is also pretty open about his political stance. A strong supporter of the Republican Party, Nugent is known for his relentless support for Trump. In one of his tweets, Snider had slammed the Trump supporters for singing his song and called them MAGA fascists. Apparently, Nugent didn’t like this.

Speaking during a recent episode of his Spirit Campfire show, Ted Nugent stated that he supports things that are for everyone’s benefit. Nugent then targeted Snider for condemning Trump supporters and calling them MAGA freaks. He said that making America great is good, and the MAGA movement is all about good over evil.

In the recent episode of Ted Nugent Spirit Campfire show on Facebook, Ted Nugent said the following:

“Everything I want, everything I support is good for everybody. This rock and roll guy, Dee Snider of Twisted Sister, God bless him. He just viciously condemns Trump supporters and ‘Make America Great MAGA freaks.’ So, making America great is not good? Securing borders is bad? Energy independence and energy dominance was not good? Or making Bangladesh, India, and China pay for their own pollution instead of American taxpayers, that’s not good?

The MAGA movement is all about good over evil. The liberals, the Biden gang, the democrats, they are all about evil over good. We got rapists, murderers, stabbers, and shooters they let out to rape, stab, shoot, and murder. Again! How can you support that? We’re reminiscing 9/11, and instead of going upwards, we are going backward.

The government of the United States orchestrated chemical warfare against its own citizens through an open border with the importation of record amounts of fentanyl. Alright, I could go on and on, but all I can tell you is that this is a real American voice.”

According to Ted Nugent, the MAGA movement supports America’s best interests. He argues that they want to secure borders, have energy independence, and lock up rapists, murderers, and shooters. So, Nugent says wanting to make America great again is something everyone should support.