Ted Nugent Says ‘Soulless’ Alec Baldwin Should Be In Prison

Guitarist and veteran Ted Nugent recently joined the Rock Titan Live show and talked about the tragic accident the actor Alec Baldwin was involved in a film set in October that resulted in the death of the young screen director Halyana Hutchins.

In October, the world was shaken by the news of an accident that occurred in the film set of ‘Rust.’ The Hollywood actor Alec Baldwin was holding and pointing a prop gun while another person showed him how to use it. The gun was supposed to be empty without live bullets, moreover, Baldwin had stated that he did not even pull the trigger. He just shot it, thinking it was empty and safe.

The screen director Halyana Hutchins was a victim of this shooting, and she lost her life while the director Joel Souza was also at the target of the bullet but survived with injuries. Since that day, the event was discussed from many angles by people and celebrities. While everyone agrees that there shouldn’t have been a live bullet gun in a film set, others find Alec Baldwin guilty.

Ted Nugent is also one of the people who blamed the actor. He is known for defending gun rights and believes that everyone in the state should own a gun and be educated about using them safely. Accordingly, he stated that everyone should follow one gun rule which is not pointing it to someone they don’t want to kill. He called Baldwin a ‘prick’ and didn’t accept his explanations. According to Nugent, Baldwin is guilty, and he should go to jail for it.

Here are Nugent’s words on Alec Baldwin:

“There’s only one gun law you need on planet earth, and that is, ‘Never point a weapon at anything you’re not willing to destroy.’ Hey, Alec Baldwin, you prick. You soulless, nasty, rotten prick. You were pointing the gun at a human being. You killed her. You’re guilty. I don’t wanna hear about the hammer; I don’t wanna hear about that trigger. You were pointing it at a human being. You’re guilty. You should be in a cage for the rest of your rotten punk-ass life.

You can watch the interview below.