Ted Nugent Says James Brown Would Dance To His New Record ‘Detroit Muscle’

Rock veteran Ted Nugent talked about his upcoming album named ‘Detroit Muscle’ during a recent episode of The Nightly Nuge. According to the musician, even James Brown would dance to his record.

Ted Nugent has released 15 studio albums so far as a solo artist, which he started in 1975 after the disbandment of The Amboy Dukes. His latest record, ‘Detroit Muscle,’ will be released at the end of April 2022, and Nugent has been talking about what the new album is like and promoting its sound and contributors.

His most recent album ‘The Music Made Me Do It,’ was released in 2018, where he added Jason Hartless to his band as the drummer. The drummer and Nugent got along very well, and Uncle Ted appreciated him so much that he worked with him to receive success in ‘Detroit Muscle’ as well. The rocker also played with the bassist Greg Smith along with the drummer.

In a new episode of his show, Nugent stated that these two rhythm instruments and their players immensely contributed to the record. The greatness of ‘Detroit Muscle’ depended on these two players, and the sound was a mixture of rhythm and blues in rock music. He ended his promotion by saying that the father of soul music, James Brown, would ‘dance’ to this record.

Nugent’s statement about his album follows:

“Greg Smith on bass guitar, the guy’s an animal. The guy is some strange creature of rhythm and throb, and Jason Hartless from Detroit on drums. Jason Hartless and Greg Smith are my rhythm section. My music has a life of its own because of these guys. ‘Detroid Muscle’ is like an orgy of rhythm and blues in rock and roll, middle fingers on fire. James Brown would dance to my new record.

You can watch The Nightly Nuge below.