Ted Nugent Says He Wasn’t Jealous Of Eddie Van Halen


Ted Nugent recently spoke to Trunk Nation With Eddie Trunk for an interview and shared his thoughts on Eddie Van Halen. As Nugent claims, he feels no jealousy toward Eddie.

Eddie Van Halen deeply saddened the rock music scene with his untimely death on October 6, 2020. As it turns out, Ted Nugent also grieved the guitar virtuoso’s passing because he said they were close friends. In a previous interview, Nugent claimed that his first tour was with Van Halen, and they deeply connected when they first met.

Expressing his sadness over losing Eddie, Ted Nugent also said not everyone was happy that they were close. According to Nugent, those people argued they weren’t close friends, but it was a lie since he and Eddie had tried to keep in touch for years despite their busy schedules.

In a recent interview with Trunk Nation With Eddie Trunk, Ted Nugent praised Eddie Van Halen’s talent once again, calling him a musical genius. Nugent then claimed Howard Stern and his audience made up a lie that he was jealous of Eddie’s guitar playing, and they were rivals.

However, according to Uncle Ted, the reality was different. Nugent said he and Eddie were dear friends, and Eddie actually called him first when he got sober because he advised him to get substances out of his life. He added that he did this in a sincere way, and the two had a great friendship.

As reported by Blabbermouth, Ted Nugent told Trunk Nation the following about Eddie Van Halen:

“What a great man he was. What a force to reckon with, how he enriched our lives with his musical genius. And let me clarify, in case Howard Stern, his lying punks are listening, because they made up a dirty f*cking lie on ‘The Howard Stern Show,’ that I was jealous of Eddie and that we had a contention because of the way we played guitar. What a bunch of f*cking liars.”

He then continued:

“Eddie and I were dear friends. When Eddie became clean and sober, guess who his first phone call was? To me. Because I lovingly prodded him to get the drugs, alcohol, and tobacco out of his life. I did it in a loving way, and he was resistant, as most people are, but we had a wonderful relationship.

Ted Nugent praises Eddie Van Halen’s talent whenever possible. In April, Nugent named Eddie among the greatest guitarist and said he had an uncanny superman sense of rhythm. Since the Handsome Devil is usually known for his harsh criticism of other guitar players, his love and appreciation of the late Van Halen icon seem sincere.