Ted Nugent Says He Wants To Hire Mike Tyson

Ted Nugent recently spoke once again about the new gun laws that the US government wants to bring in order. He stated that he wants to hire the boxer Mike Tyson to punch the politicians who wish to prevent him from owning a gun.

American guitarist and activist Ted Nugent is known for speaking up for his beliefs and encouraging his followers to stand up against the government for certain restrictions. He also defends the right to own a gun for self-protection and hunting and doesn’t appreciate the government bringing in restrictions in that matter.

The Second Amendment in the Constitution of the United States allows people to own a gun on the basis of self-defense, occupational, or hunting. However, the new Joe Biden government is considering new restrictions due to the recent increase in murder and mass shootings. On the other hand, Nugent disagrees with the restrictions and is so angry about the situation that he plans to oppose it using violence.

In a recent livestream on Facebook, he stated that he wants to hire the professional boxer Mike Tyson to be his personal ‘hitman,’ in case the politicians restrict his rights to own a gun. He stated that because Tyson is very muscular and strong, he wants him on his side as he will not comply with the restrictions and will attack back.

Here are Nugent’s recent words about hiring Mike Tyson against the politicians:

“I got a message to Mike Tyson. Hi, my name is Ted Nugent. This is the Spirit campfire, and since we celebrate truth, logic, and common sense, here’s how I implement it. I got a call into Mike Tyson, a big guy. Big ass crunching bone slamming son of a bitch. Love Mike. I’m a big fan of animals and Mike Tyson, what an animal. Everybody loves Mike Tyson, don’t you love Mike Tyson? Here’s how much I love him.

I got a message into Mike Tyson. I wanna hire Mike Tyson, and whatever, I hear a politician say something really stupid or some prick in a game department, Michigan DNR, that thinks you’re in control of whether my bow and arrow is in a case or not. Or whether my deer gun is in a case when I’m deer hunting. I’m going to say, ‘Hey Mike! Punch that son of a b*tch in the throat for me. Would you? Here are a hundred bucks. Give him a good right hook.’ I have a message into Mike Tyson, and if a politician goes, hey, ‘There’s Berry over here mister Nugent where you don’t have a Second Amendment.’ ‘Mike, Give him a left hook in the bridge of the nose Mike.’

I’m going to have to get Mike on my side from now on. I got a message from him. I made him an offer. If some bureaucrat tells me there’s an area where I don’t have a Second Amendment, I’m going to go, ‘Mike, give him one. Not a full force; give him an 80%. Just break a couple of bones until he learns that you cannot give me immoral, unconstitutional, anti-freedom, tyrannical orders.’ If you give me such a stupid order, I will not comply.”

Even though he believes that everyone should own a gun, Nugent also stated that they all need to learn how to use it. Hence, he had previously criticized Alec Baldwin, who accidentally shot a prop gun during a movie shooting and killed Halyna Hutchins without knowing that it was full.