Ted Nugent Says He Can’t Stand The New Garbage Pop Music Singed By Some Dirtbag On Parole

Rock veteran Ted Nugent criticized the music community during his recent live stream on Faceebook and slammed the pop music at the same time.

During the stream, Ted mentioned that a lot of people ask him why he doesn’t release new albums and wanted to explain his reason by showing an example from his latest album, The Music Made Me Do It.

While Ted was saying that The Music Made Me Do It was such a great album and has lots of great songs in it, but there is no music industry to promote such a great album.

Furthermore, Ted pointed out that you need to sing garbage pop songs to make a promotion for the album and criticized the industry. Also, Ted showed that he really hates the new music once again.

Here is what Ted Nugent said:

“A lot of people go, ‘How come you don’t make albums?’ Two years ago, 2019, I made a killer record. It’s called ‘The Music Made Me Do It’. It’s got monster, killer songs on it.

But there’s no music industry. You’ve gotta be some dirtbag on parole, singing garbage pop music, or what they call country music, isn’t even really country music; it’s pop music —like cartoon music. I can’t stand the new music.”

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