Ted Nugent Says George Floyd Is Not A Hero, ‘He Ruined Everything’

During a recent episode of his live streams on Facebook, rock veteran Ted Nugent has shared his opinions on George Floyd saying that he cannot be considered a hero.

Back in May 2020, the young African American man George Floyd was killed by a police officer named Derek Chauvin, and the incident was recorded on camera. In the video which surfaced after the tragic incident, Chauvin was seen kneeling on Floyd’s neck for a long time enough to kill him. Floyd’s plea for help ‘I can’t breathe’ rang in people’s ears for a long time. The whole world later gathered to protest the incident which was later called the Black Lives Matter demonstrations.

Ted Nugent has recently shared a new live stream on his Facebook page and Youtube channel, playing his guitar and talking about the celebration of Independence Day and George Floyd. During the stream, he stated that the current government cannot be trusted, and the fireworks, hence the celebrations were bullshit. He said that one needs to face the ugliness that is going on if one wants to celebrate a real Independence Day.

Nugent then criticized the need for a hero’s parade for George Floyd, saying he is not a hero as he ruined his family’s life, his neighborhood, and everything he contacted with. Ted also called George Floyd an evil, rotten ‘punk thug,’ attacking the democrats who gave him a hero send-off.

Nugent said during his live stream that:

“Our government cannot be trusted. So, I don’t want to be a parade pisser but you know I am right. We have to face the uncomfortable ugliness that’s going on if we want to celebrate a real Independence Day. We got to get these lying America-hating democrat monsters out of our government. And a judge who would keep Americans locked up for six months in solitary confinement for the charge of trespassing? What’s the cop’s name at the capitol that shot the innocent lady? The fireworks were bullshit.

We give a hero’s parade for George Floyd? This guy is a hero? He ruined his family’s life. He ruined his neighborhood. He ruined everything he came into contact with. He was an evil rotten punk thug and the democrats gave him a hero send-off. Now the education gangster union wants to have a George Floyd Memorial Day. Are you kidding me? The fireworks were bullshit. Fact check that. Fact check my balls.”

Last year, Ted Nugent had spoken about the George Floyd incident again during one of his live videos, saying that he strongly disagrees with the fact that Floyd was killed by a police officer, and claimed that George actually killed himself using fentanyl.