Ted Nugent Questions The Reliability Of Jeffrey Epstein Investigation

From hunting to gun control, Ted Nugent likes to clarify where he stands regarding various controversies. More recently, the guitarist discussed the Jeffrey Epstein controversy while chatting on his Facebook podcast, the Nightly Nuge, as he questioned the reliability of the investigation.

“The fact that we’re trying to find out the worst crime against humanity, which is child molestation, and child sex trafficking – Jeffrey Epstein,” exclaimed Ted, “and they won’t show us the from the Lolita Island, the child sex trafficking epicenter… That’s not an investigation.”

The singer then pointed out the lack of public footage from the Epstein investigation and recalled the footage from the Capitol riots investigation. He said, “Bear with me, I’m just a guitar player, but if there was a bank robbery at my bank, the first I would refer to would be the footage from the security cameras. But they’re not doing that on the big lie of the January 6 investigation.”

Ted further claimed, “That’s not an investigation and the Jeffrey Epstein investigation… That’s not an investigation because if you have security camera footage at the bank and you want to find out who robbed the bank, you would go to the security camera footage. They’re lying, they’re scamming, and they’re on the side of evil.”

Nugent questioned the reliability of the Epstein investigation since the authorities have refused to share footage from the case. He targeted the officials for not being open enough with information sharing because he believes it is unacceptable. The rocker has been vocal about the issues of child molestation and sex trafficking for years, so it is not surprising that he feels frustrated with the way the investigation was conducted.