Ted Nugent Explains Why He’s Happy All The Time

Recently, AXS TV shared a snippet from Sammy Hagar’s new interview with Ted Nugent on Facebook. In this clip, Nugent revealed what kept him happy throughout his life and career by saying:

“I gotta tell you, one of the reasons I’m happy, and I feel gratified and satisfied, and my family is wonderful – God, family, country, rock and roll, freedom – is because I’ve been clean and sober for 71 years. When you respect your sacred temple… When I was growing up, this was called the sacred temple, and you just don’t poison sacred temples.”

Nugent Is Proud To Be Sober

Last summer, Nugent said goodbye to touring with a 2023 trek called ‘Adios Mofo.’ As the farewell marked the 60th year of his career, the singer often tied his success in the industry to his sobriety.

In an episode of ‘The Nightly Nuge’ during his ‘Detroit Muscle Tour’ in 2022, he shared:

“I started playing professionally 66 years ago. I think I played Walt’s Malts Shop, and I got paid in one vanilla malt. And I think I got some chips out of the deal. But the point is – I’ve been doing this for 66 years. But it’s important for me to celebrate that I do often – I’m 74 years clean and sober.”

Sobriety Makes Him Better Than The Rest, He Says

During the same episode, the singer also compared himself with rockers like Metallica, Styx, ZZ Top, and Bruce Springsteen. Saying that a friend, who watched thousands of rock shows, called his performances the best, he explained:

“Every one of my songs in my guitar tone, I’m always experimenting with guitars and amplifiers and strings and tubes and cables. And my guitar tone is just out of the body. So, yes, that guy identified is what everybody’s identifying.”

About how being sober affected his career, he added:

“At 74, when you’re clean and sober, and you take good care of yourself, [and when] you eat smart, you plenty of rest… And don’t be fool by the bags under my eyes. Those are actually ammo bags. So, don’t worry about the bags under my eyes.”

Watch Ted Nugent’s new interview with Sammy Hagar here.