Ted Nugent Denies The Claims About Him Being A Draft Dodger, ‘It Was Another Band Member’

During a recent live stream on his official Facebook page, rock veteran Ted Nugent opened up about the infamous debate on his past, if he’s a draft dodger or not. Nugent claimed that he never dodged the draft and it was another musician that pooped his pants to avoid going to the Vietnam War.

As some of you might know, despite growing up in a military family and having an army sergeant father, Ted Nugent himself never served in the military. Although coming of age during the height of the Vietnam War, the musician allegedly deliberately failed his draft physical by eating nothing but junk food for days beforehand as well as pooping his pants.

Ted Nugent denied his defecation story multiple times during interviews and stated that he invented the story for his and his band’s amusement. Furthermore, the rocker claimed he was in fact eligible for military service and passed a draft physical in 1969 while he was attending Oakland Community College.

In spite of the fact that the musician denied these allegations, many fans and musicians find it hard to believe that he made the story up and every other magazine purposely kept on publishing false news. Just recently, Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider opened up about Ted Nugent and referred to him as a ‘legendary draft dodger.’

In his Twitter post, Snider stated:

“Forgetting the young man he once was and becoming an ultra wrong wing conspiracy theorist loud mouth. The guy mister ‘America right or wrong’ while he did one of the most over the top, legendary draft dodges in history to get out of going to Vietnam.”

During a recent Facebook Livestream, Ted Nugent once again opened up about accusations of him avoiding compulsory military service. According to the musician’s statement, he never dodged the draft or pooped his pants for that purpose. Apparently, it was another musician in the band who experience that story.

Furthermore, Nugent stated that he never get drafted in the first place since the Vietnam War was an illegal one which is a widely known fact according to the musician. To prove his point, the rocker stressed how ridiculous it’s to believe such a story in addition to stating that he doesn’t understand how people still think it’s an accurate incident.

According to his statement during Facebook Livestream, Nugent said:

“Here’s the question, ‘Are you a draft dodger?’ Okay, let’s talk about that. No, I never did anything to dodge the draft, didn’t poop my pants. That was another member of the band, that was so funny. By the way, does anybody get their accurate, meaningful, or believable information from High Times Magazine? Or the Houghton Post? Or Rolling Stone Magazine?

I didn’t dodge the draft, I was Bruce Lee in 1969, I could leap Volkswagens. Never dodge the draft, never poop my pants. I think the last time I poop my pants was when I was just before my second birthday. Why do people cling to that? I made it clear in millions of interviews, never dodged the draft, I didn’t get drafted. Thank God, it was an illegal war in Vietnam, everybody knows that.”

Mainly due to the fact that Ted Nugent’s statements over the years often clash with each other and his version of the story doesn’t add up, questioning if he’s a draft dodger or not seems like it’s going to stick around for some time. Since Nugent’s name is constantly involved with controversial matters, he always seems quite comfortable talking about these allegations, therefore, it’s hard to say if he’s telling the truth or not which makes it his fans’ choice ultimately.