Ted Nugent Clears The Air About His Controversial Joan Jett Comment

Ted Nugent replied to Joan Jett‘s recent criticism against him after his statement about her being on a very famous list for guitar players in his latest live stream on his official YouTube channel. Nugent explained himself and shared his thoughts and feelings about the frontwoman.

A short time ago, as a person who became famous for his controversial words about almost every subject and various musicians, Nugent made another comment like the previous ones. He decided to target Rolling Stone Magazine’s Top 100 Guitar Players In The History Of Rock And Roll by drawing attention to Jett’s presence. Nugent claimed that some guitarists such as Tommy Shaw, Derek St. Holmes, Ricky Medlocke, and Dave Amato deserved to take place on that list instead of her.

Nugent added that if Jett is a talented guitarist for that list, he’s Caitlyn Jenner’s ‘boy toy,’ and these words caused a backlash from the fans. The guitarist responded to Nugent’s comments, saying that Nugent shouldn’t be on that list either. Jett slammed him and highlighted that Ted Nugent’s existence was his biggest punishment. The frontwoman added that people always tried to write her off because of male dominance in the music industry.

Following Jett’s answer, Nugent decided to clear the air about the matter and said he loved Jett and her music. However, for Nugent, she’s not fiery enough to be on that list; she’s good but not one of the best players like Mark Farner, John Sykes, Chris Duarte, and many more. The musician highlighted that he loves lesbians and doesn’t have any problem with that. Also, Nugent couldn’t stop himself from criticizing another female guitarist, Joni Mitchell being on that list. Uncle Ted also stressed that he didn’t say that he should have been there.

About his previous remarks, Nugent said:

“I’m talking about Top 100 Guitar Players In The History Of Rock And Roll list on Rolling Stone Magazine, and I mentioned Joan Jett. I love Joan Jett and mentioned how I love her. I love her music. Joan, I love you. It’s real rock and roll, awesome, plus I love Lesbians. I think it’s cool. So I praised her and saluted her. I just said that Mark Farner should be on the list before Joan Jett because she’s not a real fiery guitar player.

She plays a great chord thing and great songs. I said nothing but nice things about her. However, Joan Jett can’t be on the Top 100 Guitar Players In The History Of Rock And Roll before Rik Emmett of Triumph. She can’t be, and Joni Mitchell’s on the list but not Derek St. Holmes, not Ricky Medlocke, John Sykes, Chris Duarte, or Jimmy McCarty. I never mentioned myself. Let’s pretend I play keyboards. I never said I should be on that list.

I said there are a lot of killer guitar players, and Joan is a good guitar player. She makes great music, it’s not adventurous as I like, but she’s awesome. So she viciously attacked me personally, saying I was jealous because I was not on it. I never mentioned I should be on it. I mentioned that Rik Emmett is a far better guitar player than Joan. With all respect Joan. I love you. I said I love her, but she’s on the greatest guitar player list, but Derek isn’t, Medlocke or Farner isn’t. Joni Mitchell is. I love you, Joni; for those who love folk music, you are the best. I’m not jealous that I’m not on.”

You can watch the interview below.