Ted Nugent Agrees With Elon Musk That Many Americans Are Now In Danger

Ted Nugent recently shared his thoughts on being armed in a new episode of his Nightly Nuge, agreeing with Elon Musk’s concerns about the safety of many Americans.

The musician said, criticizing the US government:

“We cannot finish today’s Nightly Nuge, Keith, without identifying that Uncle Sam, our own government, is welcoming and rewarding these extreme terrorists, these desperate, soulless, evil people from Nigeria, Congo, Somalia, Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, and China. Look at the parade across our border of those that celebrate the beheading of babies in front of their parents.”

He continued, sharing his concerns about the current environment in the country:

“Make no mistake. They’re in your neighborhood, and if you’re not armed and capable, good luck. And if you carry a pistol, that’s it. Good luck. Once again, I’ll emphasize. It’s here. You’ve got to be cocked, locked, and ready to rock the Glock around the clock, Dr. Spock, because they will not say, ‘Hey you.’ They will just shoot you. So never has there been a more treacherous, dangerous time in America, and it’s because Uncle Sam is inviting and celebrating those who celebrate Hamas atrocities. There’s a difference, Keith.”

Later in the conversation, the host reminded the rocker of Musk’s tweet, where he said that even though mass shootings are tragic, it’s important for regular people to have guns to help defend democracy. Nugent agreed with his opinion and added:

“Hello, one and one equals two. Truth, logic, and common sense will set you free, and remember, here’s the conclusion to that point, my friend, Mr. Mark. Joe Biden and the US military, the Department of Defense, are supplying tens of thousands of AR-15s to the citizens of Israel so they can defend themselves. Salute, good idea, while at the same time, Joe Biden is a by his own words and attempted policy trying to ban AR-15 and 9 mm. He said 9 mm with a big clip makes it more powerful.”

As an avid supporter of gun ownership, the singer discussed in 2021 that there’s no such thing as ‘gun violence.’ He also believes that gun control laws and restrictions have never made America safer. So, he had declared on behalf of the people of the United States that since bad people wouldn’t follow gun laws, citizens have the right to keep and bear arms.

You can watch the rest of his statements below.