Michael Anthony Tells His Real Thoughts On Jason Bonham And Joe Satriani

Former Van Halen bassist and current member of The Circle, Michael Anthony, shared a post on Instagram to celebrate the birthdays of Led Zeppelin’s late drummer John Bonham’s son Jason Bonham and Joe Satriani. In his post, Anthony expressed his feelings about the two talented musicians.

Yesterday marked a special day for the rock music scene because it was the birthday of The Circle drummer Jason Bonham who turned 55 years old. It was also the birthday of the legendary guitarist Joe Satriani, who turned 65 this year. The fans and fellow musicians celebrated Bonham and Satriani’s special day on social media by sharing their favorite memories of the two icons.

Bonham’s current bandmate Michael Anthony was among these people who honored the musician with a post on social media. In his recent Instagram post, Anthony also shared a picture of Joe Satriani who has been his bandmate in the band called The Chickenfoot. In the caption of his post, Michael stated that both Bonham and Satriani are great friends of his. He also mentioned that it was a pleasure to be able to play music with both talented musicians.

Anthony then referred to tha ongoing global pandemic which affected musicians all around the world since they had to stop touring or performing live. The bassist stated that the jams are not over yet implying that the they will be back to jamming together soon as the pandemic loses its severe impacts on people.

Michael Anthony wrote in the caption of his Instagram post:

Happy birthday to these two badass Mofos!

Great friends and what a pleasure it’s been to be able to play music with both of you. Hope you guys are having a great birthday today, the jams are not over yet!”

You can check out the post below.

Photo Credit: Michael Anthony – Instagram