Ted Nugent Addresses Will Smith’s Attack On Chris Rock, ‘I’m Glad That The World Got To See That’

Ted Nugent reflected his thoughts about the famous actor Will Smith’s hitting comedian Chris Rock at the Oscars during his recent appearance on The Nightly Nuge. The musician drew attention to black-on-black crime and Hollywood’s finally facing its consequences.

The 94th Academy Awards ceremony was held on March 27, 2022, at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles, and Regina Hall, Amy Schumer, and Wanda Sykes hosted the event. The academy honored the best movies and their creators in different categories as they did before, but everyone was sure that the Awards were losing their popularity and audience. People can understand it from people’s paying attention Smith-Rock situation than the winners or nominees.

While introducing Best Documentary, Chris Rock made a joke about Smith’s wife and actress, Jada Pinkett Smith, saying he wanted to see her in ‘G.I. Jane 2’ refers to her hair loss caused by alopecia. Even though he was laughing at the joke initially, Smith suddenly came to the stage and hit the comedian. Everyone in the ceremony and the people following it on their televisions and social media accounts were shocked.

Nugent decided to examine the infamous incident between Smith and Rock from a bizarre perspective, so he stated that it’s proof of black-on-black crime rates, and he’s glad to see it even if he’s a fan of Smith and Rock. In addition, he highlighted that a man couldn’t defend his family violently, and Nugent had to stand back. According to The Uncle Ted, if two white guys had hit each other or a white man hit a black guy, they would have been arrested immediately, and Nugent said it’s spoiled brat Hollywood’s hypocrisy.

Nugent shared his ideas, saying:

“Number one, black-on-black crime is quite visible; it’s everywhere you go, even at the Oscars. We got broadcast globally black-on-black crime. Okay, there are several dynamics that I would like to address. Number one, Chris Rock has had some brilliant moments where he’s identified the failure of his culture to respond adequately and properly when pulled over by the police and how not to get killed. So we applaud Chris Rock on those rare moments where logic surfaced in his life.

I got to hang out at the Comedy Store with Richard Pryor, Rodney Dangerfield, Sam Kinison, and Robin Williams, so I know that humor is supposed to be irreverent and outrageous. So Chris Rock’s whole career is based on outrageous and irreverent. Certainly, Will Smith knows that. There’s another time in our culture where if you were disrespectful to my woman, I should be able to coldcock you flat out in the street.

I have been attacked; my family, mother, wife, and children have been attacked publicly because I ‘murder innocent animals,’ which I suspect would be considered barbecue in conscientious families’ lives. Do you know what I do? Because I’ve been armed since I was 17, and I trained with the greatest warriors of all time, and when people spit at me when they attack the honor of my family members, you know what I do? I back away and leave. Because unless there are actual life-threatening conditions, I will not engage.”

He added:

“So there’s a two-edged sword here. Number one, I’m a huge fan of Will Smith, and I’m a fan of Chris Rock. When I want a good guffaw, I want to see a super-action actor in a brilliant role, which Will Smith seems to have dominated over the years. However, to go ahead and drop your sense of social norms in the clusterf*ck of 2020 and walk up on stage for the whole world to see and slap Chris Rock. Will, prioritize. That’s not the hill you want to climb right now.

So, there are all kinds of dynamics, but I thank Will and I thank Chris Rock because society needs to see an element of our society, most profoundly exposed in the Hollywood world, where your and my rules of engagement don’t apply. Because let’s go ahead and admit it right now: you and I would have been arrested. If Will Smith had been a white guy hitting Chris Rock, he would have probably been taken out in handcuffs, but I’m glad that the whole world got to see it.

However, those days of defending the honor of our loved ones, in all practicality, those days are over. Because if you defend the honor of your wife in such a violent manner, you’re supposed to go to jail; you’re supposed to be charged with assault and battery. That was assault and battery under any jurisdictional definition. So it’s good that the spoiled brat Hollywood people have so disconnected themselves from the rules of engagement for the rest of society that it’s great we got to see it.”

You can check out the interview and those controversial moments below.