Taylor Swift On Simone Biles’ Performance: ‘I Cried Watching You’

The successful gymnast Simone Biles and singer Taylor Swift had a heartwarming interaction on Twitter after Swift stated that she cried while she watched Biles’ Tokyo 2020 Olympics performance.

The 24-year-old Biles had won 4 Gold 1 Bronze medals in Rio 2016 Olympics bringing pride to her country USA. However, this year in Tokyo 2021 Olympics, she decided to stay away from competing because she wanted to prioritize her mental health and other health conditions. Many athletes, celebrities, and even the USA Olympics team showed their support for Biles’ decision to give importance to her state of well-being.

After missing a few competitions, Simone Biles decided that she felt better and that she could compete in the last balance beam event. Her return to the games excited everyone around the world. Swift, who voiced Biles’ promo video showed Biles a special kind of support calling her a ‘hero’ for being able to voice her issues and stating that it can help gain awareness. Swift also used her song ‘This Is Me Trying’ from her recent album ‘Folklore’ in the background.

Here is what Swift said in the promo video:

“What do we want from our heroes? What do we expect from them? What do we need from them? What happens when they surprise us? When you have the attention of the world, everything you do takes on a bigger meaning. It can be a heavy burden. It can be a chance to change everything.

Biles replied to this video stating her love for Swift and showing her emotions. Her fans also shared their support by replying to her comment. The users also stated that this is how women should support each other all the time.

Here is what Biles stated in her tweet:

“I’m crying. How special. I love you, Taylor Swift.”

Swift did not leave her reply unanswered and gave Biles more support by appreciating what she did. She stated that it was a lesson of awareness where everyone should care for their mental health before anything else.

Here is her appreciation tweet:

I cried watching you. I feel so lucky to have gotten to watch you all these years, but this week was a lesson in emotional intelligence and resilience. We all learned from you. Thank you.”

Even people who didn’t watch the Olympics appreciated the support Swift gave to another woman. Her fans also stated that it was a very classy act for her to be aware of Biles’ situation and understand her. Swift also went through mental health problems throughout her life and these situations made her take a break from her career from time to time just like Biles.

You can see Simone Biles and Taylor Swift’s tweets below.