Taylor Hawkins’ Letter To Genesis’ Phil Collins

Phil Collins gained international fame and commercial success as Genesis’ singer and drummer and enchanted millions of rock music lovers with his talent for playing drums. The iconic progressive rock band created, recorded, and released notable works and it was impossible to deny Collins’ contributions to them. Also, his solo career as a musician drew great attention from critics and fans.

The drummer’s works, ‘Face Value,’ ‘Hello, I Must Be Going,’ ‘No Jacket Required,’ and ‘…But Seriously,’ brought him popularity once again. Thus, Collins became considered one of the best drummers in the world and an essential figure for the young generation of musicians who wanted to follow in his steps. As one of them, Foo Fighters’ Taylor Hawkins decided to share his thoughts about his favorite drummer after a controversial situation with Phil Collins.

Taylor Hawkins’ Supportive Words For Phil Collins

In one of his previous conversations with Louder Sound in 2020, Genesis icon Phil Collins recalled an unpleasant situation during an interview with a popular magazine. The drummer said he opened up about his previous relationships as a response to the reporter’s question about whether he felt suicidal because of them. The musician said ‘yes,’ and the whole world began talking about Collins’ mental health and personal life.

Collins had three failed marriages; the first was with Andrea Bertorelli, followed by Jill Tavelman, the famous actress Lily Collins’ mother, and Orianne Cevey. Therefore, it can be said that these separations and being away from his children made him go through challenging times. Thus, his answer made it to the headlines, and his friends got worried and started calling to check up on him and advise him not to make such statements because it could affect the people who love him.

The main reason behind their advice was its effect on his young children, and a colleague reached out to him about the interview via email. As a person who Collins and Genesis significantly influenced, Taylor Hawkins showed his love and support for the musician, saying that he and the other Foo Fighters members were with him and he shouldn’t feel bad for what he said or did. Collins defined it as a lovely way to express his feelings.

Here’s what Collins said about Taylor Hawkins’ email:

“He wrote me a lovely email: ‘Us in the Foo Fighters, we think the world of you. Please don’t feel bad about anything.’ I’d done a thing in Rolling Stone that echoed around the world. I’d spent three days with this journalist, and we started talking about things.

They said: ‘When three marriages have gone wrong, and you’re not living with your kids, then sometimes, it’s a dangerous word to use, but have you ever felt suicidal?’ ‘Yeah, I have.’ People rang me up and said: ‘Don’t say that! What are your kids going to say at school?’ There was a picture of me with Davy Crockett’s rifle and an ax. I thought it was lovely that he’d taken the time to write.

Hawkins’ lovely letter to the drummer was probably a relief for Collins, as everyone judged him because of his previous words about suicide and suffering following his divorces. The late musician proved his kindness and thoughtfulness once again by taking the time to show his support for a colleague in distress.