Stranger Things Star Joseph Quinn Says He Would Like To Play Keith Moon In A Possible Biopic

Actor Joseph Quinn, who made a name for himself in the rock scene with his ‘Master of Puppets’ performance in Stranger Things, spoke to Louder Sound and said he could portray a rock star in a biopic, it would be Keith Moon.

Joseph Quinn joined Stranger Things in the fourth season of the series in 2022 to portray Eddie Munson. Eddie Munson is known as the nerd and metalhead of the town. However, he isn’t just a listener as he also makes music himself. When Eddie Munson had to take the stage for the part, Quinn handled the situation very well and rocked the stage. The actor’s ‘Master Of Puppets’ performance as Eddie Munson resonated with many and revived the 1986 Metallica classic.

After the performance, Metallica and Stranger Things collaborated for a kind of cross-over, and Quinn not only met the Metallica members but also played with them. This performance again increased the fame of the actor in the metal world, and the video footage shows that it was a really fun experience for both parties. Quinn recently participated in an interview with Louder Sound and made comments about the heavy metal and his role in the series.

When he was asked for the name he would want to portray if he could play a rock star in a movie, the actor’s answer was the Who’s Keith Moon. Explaining that playing Keith Moon would be a very fun experience, Quinn stated that he was surprised how something like this had not been done before. He added that he had recently heard about such a production, but that he thought they would not consider him for the role.

Joseph Quinn’s statement about his dream rockstar role reads as follows:

“Keith Moon would be pretty cool, you could have a lot of fun with him. I don’t understand how that hasn’t been done already. I’ve actually heard that there’s something in the works, but I don’t think I’m in consideration for it. Whoever gets to go at that… That’ll be a lot of fun.”

Joseph Quinn had previously mentioned other names that inspired him and revealed that he is obsessed with Kurt Cobain and Nirvana. The actor seems to have shown that he is a promising name for a possible biopic, with his breakthrough role in the series and especially in the scene where he plays ‘Master of Puppets.’ Time will tell if the actor will eventually get such a role in a rock biopic.