Stone Temple Pilots’ Eric Kretz Recalls How Scott Weiland Became Self-Destructing 

Stone Temple Pilots drummer Eric Kretz opened up about his memories with Scott Weiland on Louder Sound and revealed how he became self-destructive, which is why he was eventually fired from the band. 

Scott Weiland was best known for being the lead singer of Stone Temple Pilots. However, his drug and alcohol abuse issues created some problems between the members. In 2013, the increasing tensions led to the firing of the singer, who was replaced with Linking Park’s late singer Chester Bennington. 

After getting fired from Stone Temple Pilots, he produced solo music and collaborated with The Wildabouts. Unfortunately, the singer passed in 2015 when he was touring with The Wildabouts for their ‘Blaster’ album. The cause of his death was an overdose of alcohol, cocaine, and other drugs. 

Even though he was not easy to handle in Stone Temple Pilots, his ex-bandmates remember him very fondly. Eric Kretz, the band’s drummer, stated that there wasn’t much they could do about his condition, and no matter how much they tried to help him, he would continue to put himself in harm’s way.

Here is what he fully stated:

“I think we’d done six weeks. It was heartbreaking to see Scott self-destructing on that tour. Like, ‘No, man, come on.’ When it came to touring Tiny Music, he was closing off conversations with everyone. As anybody who has family members with addiction problems knows, it’s not easy. You might get a heartfelt conversation – until they start getting the itch again. Then whatever was talked about just gets ignored and they’re back on the train.”

Even though his death didn’t come as a shock to the band members, it was still heartbreaking to see their friend and talented vocalist pass away from an overdose. Stone Temple Pilots still commemorate him in their interviews and speak about the good times they’ve had.