Sting Is Considering To Sell His Music Catalog Including The Police Records

After Bob Dylan announced that he would be selling his entire catalog for millions of dollars, rumors about other artists wanting to sell their catalogs started to emerge. Recently, news broke about Sting negotiating with record labels about selling the rights of his albums.

Sting had a successful career both on his own and with the band The Police in which he was a member between the years 1977 and 1984. The Police highly owes its success to Sting, as he was the primary songwriter of the band and wrote their hit songs ‘Every Breath You Take,’ ‘Roxanne,’ Message in a Bottle,’ and ‘Don’t Stand So Close to Me.’ Naturally, they have made a lot of money with their successful act, and apparently, Sting is now considering selling them to a record label.

Currently, Sting is working with Sony Music Publishing, however, rumors are going around that he would switch and sell his catalog to Universal Music Publishing instead. UMPC also bought Bob Dylan’s entire music catalog for $400 million in 2020, and if they also take in Sting’s, they would be remarkably advantageous compared to other labels.

In total, Sting made five studio albums with The Police, and 15 as a solo artist. His entire catalog is estimated to be worth around $360 million. However, it is thought that the reasonable price for the catalog would be a maximum of $300 million. This number is quite close to Bob Dylan’s, which consisted of 39 studio albums.

While these rumors go around, Sting is currently continuing his Las Vegas residency which kicked off on October 29. He is still working on new songs and albums for his fans, and the 70-year-old singer doesn’t seem to be wanting to retire or stop his music. During the pandemic, he released a new album, ‘The Bridge,’ and during his shows in Colosseum, Ceasars Palace in Las Vegas he performed those new records for his devoted fans.