Stevie Van Zandt Calls Anti-Biden Democrats ‘Masturbation Nation’

E Street Band guitarist Stevie Van Zandt got into an argument with a fan on Twitter and shared his opinions about the political situation in the USA.

The discussion started with Stevie’s following tweet:

“I just have to say at this point, I am literally shocked, disappointed, and bewildered, that so many of my friends, heroes, mentors, and people I respect, continuing to fantasize about replacing Biden. I urge everyone to get a fucking grip on reality. It ain’t happening! Adjust!”

Then, a fan responded:

“I love you Stevie, but we have to be able to realize we can win with or without Biden. The majority of the country supports the left on key issues and we haven’t lost the popular vote in the last decade. We need competent leaders and he is quickly on the decline.”

Stevie didn’t ignore this response, and the discussion continued:

“You and everybody else who thinks that is wrong. We know Biden has beaten Trump. Are you willing to gamble on introducing someone new to a national audience? Does anybody understand how impossible that is? And gambling they can beat him? It’s naive at best. At worst, insane.”

Why Van Zandt Targetted Anti-Biden Leftists

The discussion started to heat up at this point because the fan wasn’t backing down and continued to press on points that could be sensitive to Stevie.

The fan wrote another response:

“Stevie, you can’t be serious. We’ve put up 2 of the worst candidates we could in both Hillary and Biden and still beat Trump in popular votes. There is a whole host of viable candidates that would destroy a declining Trump in debates, easily. No more Genocide Joe sorry.”

Stevie tweeted again, making the description mentioned in the title and explained his opinion as follows:

“Oh, I am very serious, baby! I do not subscribe to your Masturbation Nation that lives in some idealistic fantasyland. I am stuck in this very uncomfortable very frightening thing we call reality. It’s a binary universe and that choice has been made. Adjust to it, or die with it.”

After that, he did not tweet anything else related to this topic.