Stevie Ray Vaughan’s Dream About Jimi Hendrix

When we think of the greats in the music world, we often forget that they, too, were once fledgling musicians in awe of their own heroes. Each artist embarks on a unique journey, exploring the infinite landscape of creativity, all the while drawing inspiration from those who came before them. There’s a certain magic in discovering that a renowned artist, who has touched the lives of millions, was once just as starstruck as the rest of us, captivated by the genius of their own idols.

Stevie Ray Vaughan, a blues guitar legend, experienced that very magic as his admiration for Jimi Hendrix transcended the boundaries of reality, culminating in a remarkable dream. This fascinating story reveals the depth of the late musician’s connection to the ‘Purple Haze’ singer and serves as a solid image of the profound impact our idols have on our lives, even in the most unexpected ways.

Vaughan’s name was synonymous with soulful guitar playing and unforgettable performances, establishing him a place in the hearts of millions. Well, of course, this guitar legend, who sadly left us in 1990, was inspired by numerous artists throughout his career. Among them, Hendrix stood out as a significant influence, shaping the vocalist’s style and love for the blues.

As a true fan, Stevie Ray couldn’t help but be inspired by his idol’s unique sound, stage presence, and overall artistry. In fact, his admiration for the guitar genius was so deep that it transcended the boundaries of reality and entered his dreams, resulting in both a valuable memory and a good lesson for the Double Trouble member.

During a 1984 MTV interview, he shared his incredible dream about jamming with Hendrix. The two legends spent the entire dream sitting side by side, sharing their musical knowledge and playing together. The experience was so vivid that Vaughan immediately grabbed his guitar upon waking up, hoping to recreate the magic of his dream.

Here’s what he said during the conversation:

“There was one where we waited up; for the whole dream, we sat this far apart [a small distance]. I showed him anything I wanted to show him. He showed me anything he wanted to show me, and we tried to play one time.

Right as a soon as I woke up, I ran to get one of my guitars, but it didn’t work nothing. I finally figured out a few months later that if it had been that easy, I wouldn’t learn anything.”

The singer’s love for Hendrix didn’t stop at his dreams. He often covered the latter’s songs, like ‘Voodoo Child,’ in his performances, showcasing his admiration for the legendary guitarist. He even spoke about his mission to carry on Hendrix’s musical legacy in the same MTV interview.

He explained:

“I just do my best to do what I can to carry his music on. This is much as anybody else’s music that I appreciated on my life. I love him like he was my brother.”

Through his music and performances in his short career, Vaughan actually paid tribute to Hendrix and carried on the spirit of his hero even in dreams. This captivating story and the musician’s dream remind us that even the greatest have their heroes, and our creative journeys are fueled by the inspiration we find in those who came before us.