Stevie Nicks Details Her Journey To Fleetwood Mac While Paying Tribute To Uvalde Victims

In a tribute on the first anniversary of the Uvalde elementary school shooting, Fleetwood Mac’s Stevie Nicks shared a statement on Twitter. She created a thoughtful narrative by detailing her own journey towards joining the band, offering an emotional reflection on the dreams unfulfilled due to the tragic incident.

The singer went on a trip down memory lane, penning several paragraphs about his childhood. She then wrapped it up with this sequence:

“I went to college for almost five years. I met a boy, and eventually, we started making music together. One day we got a call from a band and went to a dinner that changed our lives.”

Then, she continued her statement, reflecting on the impact of the Uvalde shooting and expressing her determination to keep the victims’ memory alive:

“When I look back, it all happened so fast. I was just a ten-year-old in El Paso, Texas, deciding what to do with the rest of my life. […] I got to grow up and join Fleetwood Mac. I got to write music for the world for 50 years, that I hope has touched people’s hearts. I got to grow up and become Stevie Nicks.

As we ponder the one-year anniversary of Uvalde and the myriad of shootings that have happened since that fateful day, I can’t help but ask myself, what if I had been shot and killed by a man with a gun while in my ballet class in the third grade? And I can’t help but think of all those little lost futures…

And so, in closing, my arms go around each one of those little hearts like a ring of angels that will always be missing. I will never be able to let this go… If anything, I will do all I can to keep this story alive.”

This isn’t the first time Stevie Nicks has publicly expressed her emotions over the Uvalde tragedy. In the immediate aftermath of the tragedy in 2022, she took to Twitter again, penning an open letter that questioned the lawmakers regarding gun sales and usage.

The Fleetwood Mac vocalist’s past message was:

“My hope for this country is that the lawmakers find a way to make buying an assault rifle more difficult. There is no reason to have a gun that would disintegrate a deer or a small animal if you are, indeed, an honorable hunter. When those guns go into the hands of obviously disturbed people, it gives them a sense of unbelievable power that they have never felt before.”

You can read the full version of Nicks’ letter for the little Uvalde victims in the tweet below.