Steven Tyler’s Girlfriend Aimee Preston Cries In The Recent Photo And Pens An Update About The Current Status Of Her Life

Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler’s girlfriend, Aimee Preston, uploaded a new picture of herself on her official Instagram account and stunned the community with an unusual appearance.

While everyone on social media wants to put their best-looking pictures on Instagram and show that they are happy, Aimee wanted to point out that it is really cool to be upset and cry.

In the picture, you can clearly see that Aimee cried a lot before taking this selfie because of the fact that her makeup went pretty bad. However, she was still looking astonishingly beautiful.

In the caption, Aimee wrote that it’s so normal and beautiful to look like this because you can always be in a great mood. In this way, Aimee wanted to prove that you can not feel great and perfect all the time.

Here is what Aimee Preston captioned:

“But in case no one has told you lately… It’s absolutely ok and beautifully right to look like this sometimes too! Especially when you feel like it. And especially when you do look like this 😂 just sayin’ 🖤 Know love… Whoever and wherever… We are beaming an abundance of it to you if you need some!”

You can check out the post by clicking here.