Steven Tyler Celebrates Daughter Liv’s 44th Birthday, ‘My Alpha Pup’

Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler has recently posted a photo with his daughter and well-known actress, Liv Tyler, to celebrate her 44 birthday on his official Instagram account. Her sister Mia Tyler also celebrated Liv’s birthday by expressing her feelings about her big sister.

Liv Tyler was born on July 1, 1977, and she is 44 years old even though she still looks like she is in her late 20s. She managed to earn herself a worldwide popularity with her professional career as an Hollywood actress in addition to being Aerosmith legend’s daughter. Tyler actually started her acting career when she participated in the video clip of Aerosmith’s iconic single entitled ‘Crazy.’

Steven Tyler celebrated her daughter’s birthday by sharing their photo on his Instagram and calling her ‘my alpha pup’ as his oldest daughter. Both his and Liv’s fans shared their kind and supportive comments about the actress under his Instagram post. Her half-sister Mia also stated that Liv is a very gorgeous person who always supported her little siblings. Along with his father, Mia also shared some of old their photos on her Instagram account and expressed her gratitude and happiness about having a big sister like Liv Tyler.

Steven Tyler’s post read:

Happy Birthday my alpha pup.”

Here’s what Mia wrote in her post:

“It’s this beautiful Mama’s birthday today. She’s the 1st born in our wolf pack. And boy has she’s proven herself quite a leader! Not only is she insanely gorgeous and only gets better with every spin around the sun, but she is a force to be reckoned with. Raising three pups & leading our pack is quite the feat, and she kills it. Found these pics online and can’t help but wonder what awful thing I said to get her to laugh that hard in the last pic! Happy birthday. We love you to the moon and back.”

You can see some of the photos below.

Photo Credit: Steven Tyler – Instagram
Photo Credit: Mia Tyler – Instagram