Steve Vai Names The ZZ Top Move He Should Make With Hydra


In a recent interview with Guitar Player, Steve Vai reflected on his latest album, ‘Inviolate,’ released on January 28, 2022. The guitarist also named the ZZ Top move he should recreate with his Hydra guitar.

Steve Vai teamed up with Ibanez a while ago to work on a new guitar. The guitarist revealed a unique guitar named the Hydra in January 2022. The distinctive guitar features one body, two headstocks, and three necks to host seven and 12-string guitars. Fueled by Vai’s inspiration, a large team of designers, engineers, and luthiers worked tirelessly during the creation process.

Following his introduction of the Hydra, Steve Vai released a single titled ‘Teeth of the Hydra,’ from his latest album, ‘Inviolate.’ The song was written using the Hydra, showing the particular instrument’s incredible versatility. During a recent interview, Steve Vai revealed that it took four years to build the guitar, and it’s ‘highly technical’ with many different features.

The guitarist hopes that it will inspire young luthiers to build original designs. However, Vai accepts that the Hydra has a notably limited functionality since it is multi-necked, although it has enormous potential to sound unique. Thus, the guitarist won’t be able to throw it around his neck, which is a traditional heavy metal stage move. Steve Vai said he tried, but he cannot do it with this guitar, so he needs to find a new move like ZZ Top’s iconic spinning fur guitars in their 1983 ‘Legs’ music video.

When asked whether he could throw the Hydra around his neck, Steve Vai replied:

“I tried. No, you can’t because we have a strap that goes around my waist to take the weight of the guitar. I should look into getting something to make it spin around as ZZ Top did in that old video clip with the furry guitars.”

Below, you can watch ‘Teeth of the Hydra’ and ZZ Top’s ‘Legs’ music videos.