Steve Stevens Shares Why His Supergroup With Geezer Butler And Matt Sorum Ended


Guitarist Steve Stevens appeared on SiriusXM’s Trunk Nation with Eddie Trunk and talked about why Deadland Ritual came to an end. Stevens stated that they probably lost their interest in the band.

Formed in 2018, the supergroup Deadland Ritual consisted of Franky Perez, Steve Stevens, Geezer Butler, and Matt Sorum. The band released their first single, ‘Down in Flames,’ in December 2018 and then dropped a second single named ‘Broken and Bruised’ in 2019.

Geezer Butler had previously talked to Eddie Trunk about their career and said he thinks the band is dead. He explained that they had written some songs and planned to go to the studio, but this became impossible after the pandemic outbreak. He still left the door open and said they might think about doing it in the next year or later.

During the conversation, Steve Stevens was once again asked about the band’s current status. He expressed that the band is also done for him, although they had many new materials. Then, Stevens talked about why the band came to an end and revealed that touring different countries was challenging and tiring for all of them, so they probably lost their interest to continue. Stevens still praised the chemistry between the band members and said that playing with Geezer Butler and Matt Sorum was incredible for him.

Steve Stevens’ explanation on why the band came to an end:

“I think it’s done, although there was a lot of material that was written that I hope will see the light of day in some form or another. I’m still friendly with all those guys. It was really difficult. We were about to sign a deal. We went out and toured Europe. We’re all seasoned musicians, and we’re used to a certain lifestyle, and here we were having to open.

We did a number of festival dates and small club dates. Initially, everyone said they were willing to do that, willing to get in the trenches. When reality hit, and there was crappy food and crappy hotels and all that kind of stuff, I think people lost interest. From the first day of rehearsal, to walk in there and play against the sound of Geezer Butler, man, I would have paid just to be there.

Incredible. For bass players to have such a unique and profound influence on music, those records, and that sound that I grew up with, and there I am playing against it, the hair stood up on my fucking arms. I mean, it was incredible. And he’s such a gentleman. And the rhythm section of him and Matt was undeniable.”

You can listen to Deadland Ritual’s two songs below.