Paul Stanley Encourages Americans To Stand Up For Freedom

KISS‘s Paul Stanley took to Twitter to respond to a tweet in which Republican Congressman Marjorie Taylor Greene details an ‘attack’ she encountered by a woman and her son at a restaurant. Stanley’s message with his tweet was for Americans to stand up for freedom and be against hatred and division.

Greene explained that people used to respect one another even if they didn’t share the same political beliefs, but now you can’t predict people’s reactions toward others. She even stated that the country was gone after her experience at the restaurant.

Stanley responded to the tweet by voicing his fear of people who follow someone whose strategy is to belittle people and harass them because they don’t have the same viewpoints when it comes to politics. The musician even wrote that everyone should stand up for their freedom. Nakia, who is also a musician, responded to Stanley’s tweet by thanking him for standing up to division and hatred as an artist he looked up to in his journey in the industry.

Paul Stanley’s words to Americans to stand up for freedom of expression read:

“Frightening. anyone buys into this drivel from someone whose tactics include repeatedly accosting, belittling & harassing so many who don’t share her views. Ban books?? Divide the country up?? We are always better off being challenged by our freedom than by repression. Stand up.”

Nakia’s reply to Paul Stanley’s tweet read:

“I’m over here fresh out of a therapy session and in tears thinking about how f*cking cool it is to see someone I’ve admired and emulated all my life standing up against hatred and division. Thank you, Paul. So much love.”

Paul Stanley had previously asserted his right to express his views on political issues and even shared that he has the right to voice his opinions as a proud citizen of a country he loves deeply. So his tweet is an extension of his political beliefs regarding everything happening in the country.