Steve Stevens Addresses The Common Feature Of Måneskin And Machine Gun Kelly

While Måneskin has generally received positive reactions from rock music fans, we can’t say the same thing for Machine Gun Kelly. In fact, MGK has been harshly criticized for claiming to be a rock star despite rising to fame as a rapper. However, Steve Stevens believes both names have something in common.

“Regardless if you like the music or not,” said Steve Stevens, “What all three bands have in common is presenting themselves as rock stars. Something that’s been missing for way too long.” He then listed the winners, saying, “Favorite Rock Artist, Machine Gun Kelly. Favorite Rock Song, Måneskin, ‘Beggin’,’ Favorite Rock Album, Ghost, ‘Impera.’”

So, Steve Stevens believes that Måneskin and Machine Gun Kelly present themselves as rock stars, which is what the rock music scene has needed for a long time. Although most rock fans might agree with Måneskin’s self-identification and award, Machine Gun Kelly’s Favorite Rock Artist award has probably raised some eyebrows.

As you may recall, Måneskin made their international breakthrough after winning the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 with the song ‘Zitti E Buoni.’ Following this achievement, Måneskin won numerous rock fans’ hearts. On the other hand, Machine Gun Kelly received nothing but criticism for his bold remarks about reviving rock music.