Steve Perry Names The ‘Bombastically Big’ Journey Song

Former Journey singer Steve Perry appeared on AXS TV to talk about the band’s hits and their development to power ballads. During the interview, he discussed one particular song the band wanted to make a hit.

Referring to ‘Open Arms,’ Perry revealed that they realized it was too slow for a rock song. He said of the song:

“I would say it was a big change because it was a ballad, it was a beautiful melodic song. But when it came time to recording the song, I think there was trepidations of doing that kind of music that might be a little too slow for a band that wants to rock.”

The Song Took Part In the Creation of the ‘Power Ballad’ Genre

The band wanted to make the song ‘bombastically big’ according to the frontman, and eventually, it was a success. The song was recorded and released, and despite its slow tempo, Journey succeded in making it a hit, which also later turned into a whole genre.

Perry explained his aim for the song and continued:

“So we intentionally kind of met in the middle to make it bombastically big, which became a style of music called a power ballad later on, which I’m not saying we created but certainly had our part in it.”

The ‘Bombastically Big’ Hit Was On Charts For Longer Than ‘Dont Stop Believin’

Appearing in their seventh studio album, ‘Escape,’ the rocker defined the song as the track that changed the direction of the band. The track is now among the most popular songs of the band.

‘Open Arms’ takes second place in popularity, after which ‘Don’t Stop Believin” takes the first in the album. Although Don’t Stop Believin’ takes the first spot, after the album’s release, ‘Open Arms’ was the track to skyrocket the album sales.

Additionally, the hit took the second spot in the charts for six weeks, which marked it to be the highest charting single, while the most popular hit of theirs only placed the ninth.

You can watch the interview below.