Steve Lukather Says Joe Satriani Never Makes A Mistake Or Plays Something Lame

In a conversation shared by Guitar World, Toto guitarist Steve Lukather stated that Joe Satriani is such an excellent guitarist that he has never made a mistake or played something lame.

Joe Satriani improved himself by joining Mick Jagger’s tour of the 1987 album ‘Primitive Cool,’ as he mentioned various times. Their time together was one of his career’s building stones since he learned many things from Jagger as a guitarist. Satriani later joined numerous bands, such as Deep Purple, and currently playing with Sammy Hagar’s supergroup Chickenfoot.

Besides working for notable names like Deep Purple and Chad Smith, he also created his solo works. His 1987 album ‘Surfing with the Alien‘ became one of his most successful works, receiving many positive reviews from music critics. The fourth studio album, ‘The Extremist,’ became a massive commercial success and his highest-charting album to date, reaching the top 50 in various countries.

Satriani’s seventeenth album ‘Shapeshifting,’ including successful songs like ‘All For Love’ and ‘Nineteen Eighty,’ was released in 2020. Later, the guitarist released his most recent record, entitled ‘The Elephants of Mars,’ on April 8, 2022. His fans and fellow musicians have always praised the guitarist, especially in the rock scene.

Toto’s Steve Lukather, who shared the same stage with Satriani during the G3 Tour, revealed how he found the guitarist impressive. When asked what made Satriani unique, Lukather responded that he was such a perfect guitarist that he never makes mistakes and plays something lame. According to the Toto guitarist, Satriani has always performed in a way that amazed people.

Steve Lukather explained when asked what made Satriani unique:

“Joe is one of the finest guitar players to pick up the instrument. He is a flawless player. I have had the honor of standing next to him on many occasions. He never makes a mistake or plays something lame. It’s always world-class, fun, and interesting, and his jaw-dropping chops are always done with taste.”

Later, Steve Lukather revealed ‘Surfing With The Alien’ as his favorite Joe Satriani record by mentioning he was very impressed by it. Songs like ‘Ice 9’ and ‘Summer Song’ were also only two of his favorites. Lukather also stated that they had met before, and it was their destiny to become friends.

When asked his favorite Satriani album, Lukather said:

“This a hard question. I first heard ‘Surfing With The Alien‘ and was floored. I met him at NAMM that same day many years ago. We were destined to be friends. ‘Ice 9’ and ‘Summer Song’ and I could go on and on. Too much great work there.”

You can listen to ‘Surfing With The Alien’ below.