Steve Lukather Opens Up About Maynard James Keenan’s Tool

In an interview with Rock History Music, Toto guitarist Steve Lukather answered some questions about his recent album, the upcoming tour, and his favorite progressive band ever.

You might know that the Toto star released his latest solo album named ‘I Found The Sun Again’ on February 26, 2021, and he’s still waiting for his live shows to promote the album which features eight never-released-before tracks.

During the conversation he had with John Beaudin, Steve Lukather was asked to name his favorite prog band. The term ‘progressive rock’ was first coined in the ’60s in the United Kingdom and the United States, and still doesn’t have very clear borders.

While naming Dream Theater but saying that he’s not sure of what level of prog they are, he also shared his thoughts on Tool, which is fronted by Maynard James Keenan. Lukather admitted that he’s digging Tool and thinks they’re incredible despite not being sure if Tool is considered to be a progressive rock band.

Here are Toto star’s thoughts:

“I’m a Dream Theater guy but I don’t know what level of prog, there are all these sub-genres. There’s some great music out there that would be… Is Tool considered prog? I dig them, man, they’re incredible.

I don’t honestly go out listen to a whole lot of stuff. I’m letting my ears take a little rest, they’ve been taking a beating for 55 years.”

Lukather also talked about when’s the tour date start for Toto:

“We start in July. We may go to the US earlier, we’re looking at stuff depending on how it’s opening up, we may do something in February or March. And then I’m going to go out with Ringo Starr in May and June, take a couple of weeks off, and then Toto’s out all summer.

In the fall – we’ll see if it’s opening up and it’s working and everybody’s going. There are people going out this year doing big shows, so this is going to be the litmus test to see how that goes in terms of illnesses or whatever else. I do know trying to get cancellation insurance and stuff like that is pretty insane.”

You may watch the full interview below.