Steve Lukather Explains How It Felt Working With Michael Jackson On ‘Thriller’ Album

Toto guitarist Steve Lukather spoke in a recent interview with Joe Bonamassa’s Live From Nerdville and talked about the time he worked with Michael Jackson.

In 1982, Michael Jackson released his sixth studio album, Thriller, which is considered one of the best albums of iconic singer, and Steve Lukather played the guitar on ‘The Girl Is Mine,’ ‘Thriller,’ and ‘Billie Jean’ songs.

In the conversation, Steve mentioned that he didn’t know Jackson as a friend, but he was a really friendly person in the studio. Also, Steve said that Jackson looked so cool and fun during this period.

Furthermore, Steve stated that even though he didn’t know anything about Michael Jackson’s personal life, he was always nice to Steve and said that Jackson was so professional in these recordings.

Here is what Steve Lukather said:

“Interesting cat. Don’t know him as a friend but he was friendly in the studio, we worked together – thought I was a little bit crazy because of my sense of humor. I don’t edit for anyone, including my children.

And he was huge to me. He was fun, he was cool, I mean, there was ‘the’ Michael, from ‘Thriller.’ It was kind of scary to me, to be honest with you.

I fell for the cat, that he felt the need to do that because he was a handsome, young cat. I guess it just bothered him, I guess too much time in front of a mirror worrying about it, I don’t know.”

He added:

“I kind of don’t know enough about Michael’s personal life to be truthful with you, he was very nice to me, and a complete pro.

When it was working, for him, his body language would change and he would start dancing around, you knew you’re onto the right feel or what he wanted. He would make demos using his voice as all the instruments, he knew what he wants, but at the same time, he welcomed any input.

If you did something, he was like, ‘Yeah, I like that part, let’s work on that. I feel it, just a little differently.’ And you had to be like, ‘OK, take that input,’ and give him what he wanted.”

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