Steve Howe Talks About Being Friends With Freddie Mercury And Playing On A Queen Record

Yes lead guitarist Steve Howe recently spoke to BBC Radio and shared some details about his friendship with the late Queen frontman, Freddie Mercury. Also, he recalled the times when he collaborated with Queen for their record.

As you probably know, Queen released their fourteenth studio album entitled ‘Innuendo’ on February 4, 1991. It was the band’s last album before Freddie Mercury died due to the side effects of AIDS. The album received very positive reviews and was regarded as Queen’s return to its original style. The album’s title track became one of the record’s most known and popular songs.

‘Innuendo’ features Steve Howe as the guest guitarist as he played classical guitar and the Spanish guitar solo in the song. Their collaboration was widely appreciated, and he always expressed how proud he was to play in a Queen record in almost every interview that he gave. Steve defined this collaboration as a wonderful experience once again during his recent interview.

In addition, Howe remembered the time he was invited by Brian May and Freddie Mercury when they sent a crew member during a lunch break. As it turns out, he was surprised by this offer from his longtime friends because he thought that Queen didn’t need him. However, Mercury and May persuaded the musician, and thus, their friendship also turned into a very successful collaboration.

Howe stated in his interview that:

“Yeah, we had a lot of respect for those guys. So, I’m in a restaurant having lunch, a guy walks by called Martin, says, ‘What are you doing here?’ I said, ‘You know, just having lunch.’ He said, ‘Come by the studio.’

I get to the studio, they play me the whole of the ‘Innuendo’ album, but they played me ‘Innuendo’ last, and when it finishes, there’s a bit of a silence, and Brian, I think, turned around and said, ‘We’d like you to play on that?’ I was like ‘Where do you want me to play? You don’t need another guitarist, Brian, you’ve done a great job here.’

So he’d set up this Spanish guitar, and I said, ‘Well, I can muck about and see what I can come up with.’ So we did a few takes – two or three takes, and we went and had dinner, came back, listened to them, and we took the best and left the rest. Basically, that’s how I appeared with the wonderful Queen.

You can listen to the interview below.