Steve Hackett On The Possibility Of A Genesis Reunion

Former Genesis guitarist Steve Hackett recently spoke to Classic Album Review for an interview and explained whether it’s possible for Genesis to reunite.

Phil Collins, Mike Rutherford, and Tony Banks reunited in 2020 and announced ‘The Last Domino? Tour.’ After that, Collins admitted those would be his last shows with the band. On March 26, in London, Genesis delivered their final show and bid farewell to the music scene. Since then, Steve Hackett has expressed his eagerness to continue as Genesis in the future.

During the show on March 26, Hackett and Pete Gabriel didn’t perform. Even after a few days, the guitarist refused to believe this wasn’t Genesis’ last show, and it was always possible for them to get together again. Besides, fans thought this wasn’t a proper way to say goodbye because Gabriel and Hackett didn’t participate in the last show.

On August 8, Steve Hackett stated that the door was still open for a Genesis reunion. He then recalled that Genesis had approached him in 2005 for a tour with Gabriel to promote the album ‘The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway.’ Although such a tour didn’t take place due to Gabriel’s other projects, the band knew Hackett was open to the idea.

Speaking to Classic Album Review, Steve Hackett recently expressed his current thoughts about a reunion. Hackett stated that he talks with Peter Gabriel frequently and respects his work. Moreover, the guitarist recalled their get-together in 2005 and said he waited for the band to approach him. As Hackett said, a reunion isn’t likely now, but what the future will bring remains unknown.

Here is what Steve Hackett said about a possible Genesis reunion:

“Well, let’s put it this way. Pete and I are pals. I probably talk to Pete more often than I do to the rest of the Genesis guys because we’re both ex-Genesis these days. And I have huge respect for Pete’s work both as a musician and singer and as a humanitarian who has a whole orientation towards all things world-music and giving other people a chance. You just know where he’s coming from with all of that.

Yes, it was very disappointing that we had a get-together with all of us with a five-man team in 2005, but we couldn’t find sufficient common ground to continue. I think I was probably the most flexible of everybody. I said, ‘Well, if you need me, call me,’ and it’s been a very long wait. So, I don’t imagine that five-man team will likely come together, but maybe it will for all the right reasons one day.”

You can watch the full interview below.