Stephen Pearcy Sends A Message To Warren DeMartini About Ratt Reunion

Stephen Pearcy just hinted at the possibility of reuniting with Warren DeMartini.

The Ratt singer took to Facebook to respond to the music journalist Mitch Lafon’s question. Lafon asked on Facebook if people would prefer to see Richie Sambora back in Bon Jovi or Sebastian Bach back in Skid Row. In response, the Ratt rocker picked neither, and added another name instead. Lafon shared the singer’s answer on X:

“DeMartini back in Ratt.”

Many users agreed to Pearcy’s comment and said they would love to see DeMartini back with Ratt.

DeMartini Thinks A Reunion Isn’t ‘Worth The Trouble’

Although Pearcy sees a possible reunion in the future, it seems that DeMartini himself doesn’t want to be back.

DeMartini stuck with the band through various changes, but things got tense between them, and there were legal problems over the band’s name rights. The problems caused him to leave in 2018.

Back in 2022, the guitarist sat down with Guitar World and looked back on his final days with Ratt. He admitted that a Ratt reunion wasn’t ‘worth the trouble’:

“It was not a great time, because prior to that there was a lot of litigation about who could use the name. That got worked out and it seemed like we were in a good way to continue, but then it quickly turned into one step forward, four steps back. In hindsight, it really wasn’t worth the trouble in trying to keep it together.”

Of course, this didn’t mean that he was giving up on making new music:

“I’m working on music all the time, but it’s hard to pin down when that’ll be ready. I have a lot of material, and it’s going to be completed when it’s completed. And at some point, if I live long enough, it’s probably going to be a solo effort, but I’m in no rush to put it out.”

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