Sophie Lloyd Denies Having An Affair With Machine Gun Kelly

Guitarist Sophie Lloyd was rumored to have had an affair with Machine Gun Kelly when he broke up with his fiancé Megan Fox in early 2023. Recently, she commented on these accusations and said:

“It was a crazy time for me to be on the inside of all the media stuff. Obviously, we all know the truth – it was complete bullshit – but it was wild to see this thing spread so fast and how everybody jumped on the bandwagon.”

The guitarist blamed the quick spread of the rumors on the bias towards her sex by adding:

“What I found especially upsetting was, the second there was some sort of drama, fingers immediately pointed at me. It was like, ‘Oh, the girl musician – of course, she’s at the root of it.’ Nobody would have said shit if I were the new dude in the band; they wouldn’t have suspected a thing. It was a bit unfortunate to be exposed to the toxicity of the media.”

When the news first broke out, Lloyd’s management quickly shut it down with a statement to People:

“Any suggestion that she has ever acted in an unprofessional manner or stepped out of her relationship are untrue. It’s disrespectful to her as a female artist and poor journalism and social commentary to be reporting anything else.”

Even Fox herself backed up the musician against the accusations on Instagram and wrote:

“Sophie, you are insanely talented. Welcome to Hollywood. Your first unwarranted PR disaster.”

The actress also made it clear that there was ‘no third-party interference’ in her relationship with MGK, although she hinted at cheating on the singer’s part in her first posts after the breakup.