Sophie Lloyd Recalls Machine Gun Kelly’s Business Offer Through Social Media

Youtube provides a space for musicians to express themselves as they wish and has become a medium for discovering new talents. Something similar happened to Sophie Lloyd, who is known for her sensational guitar videos circulating on the internet. During a conversation with NME, Lloyd, who now plays as Machine Gun Kelly’s live guitarist, revealed how MGK first came into her life.

“MGK literally just messaged me on Instagram one day after seeing some of my videos,” she revealed, recalling the first time the muician reached her. “We Facetimed, we seemed to vibe really well, and before I knew it, I had my visa and was flying from London to LA for rehearsals.”

She continued, “It felt like something I had to prove to myself. It was also a chance to prove to everyone else that I’m not just a social media guitarist. Touring with Machine Gun Kelly was amazing. It was like one big family, and I felt so comfortable and safe from the get-go. I also love how he uses his music to tell a story and portray a message.”

Lloyd, who became a visible figure on Youtube, is now working on a new album to be released under the name of ‘Imposter Syndrome.’ Explaining that one should expect Slash-like riffs from the album, of course, with personal touches, the guitarist revealed that her major inspiration was Slash’s self-titled solo album.

She has already dropped the first single from her upcoming release, and ‘Do Or Die’ seems to have attracted a crowd with its fast and sensational guitar licks. In 2018, she released her instrumental EP ‘Delusions.’ As for her collaboration with MGK, it started last spring. Machine Gun Kelly announced Sophie’s recruitment by posting an Instagram Story and captioning it ‘adding a new friend to the band.’