Some Members Of Genesis Hated Punk Because They Didn’t Get It, Captain Sensible Explains

Genre wars exist, although they shouldn’t because different genres are meant for different people and not everyone has to like the same thing. However, subgenre wars are even more significant. Even though it may sound like a civil war, the various rock subgenres had rivalries with each other, and the prime warriors of these were the bands representing these genres.

Recently, The Damned’s Captain Sensible talked about the emergence of punk and how he and his band managed to become part of the genre in the early stages. He also spoke about punk’s rivalry with other bands of the time. He said that ‘Old Guard’ bands like Genesis didn’t like the music and put the legendary band in the spotlight. The singer stated that while a lot of other bands supported punk, Genesis was among the bands that didn’t get the music.

Captain Sensible talked about the emergence of punk by saying:

“The dawn of punk, it was pretty rock and roll and pretty raw. I remember thinking, ‘They haven’t got much chance of going anywhere.’ To be quite honest, I wouldn’t have put money on us either because the big bands at the time; Yes, Genesis, Emerson Lake, and Palmer, were playing stadiums. They had been educated at the Royal College of Music and stuff like that. We were just stringing a few chords together, but that was about it really. I never thought it would ever last. It’s now nearly 43-44 years.”

Then he continued about Genesis:

People missed the point about punk because there was some of the, we call them the Old Guard, all the dinosaur bands. It sounds stupid now because that is what we are now. But, some of them hated punk, and they just didn’t get it. Some of the people from Genesis. But others like Phil Lynott from Thin Lizzy and Mark Volman loved it.”

Captain Sensible put the listeners in a confused state when he only said “some names” in the band. However, we do know that Phil Collins had a relaxed point of view on the emergence of punk. In a 2022 interview, he said that he found Sex Pistols cool, and they sounded very well produced. The singer realized that they were their ‘enemy,’ but that didn’t hold him back from appreciating their music.

Phil had said:

“Because I mean, the sound of the Sex Pistols, I thought they had a fantastic sound. When you hear the Sex Pistols record, it was very well produced. It just sounded so legitimate. So I kind of liked it, and then I realized that we were the enemy. We were the people they were trying to get rid of in a way.”

Of course, we still wonder who the Genesis members were that didn’t understand punk and, therefore, hated the genre. Genesis was at the peak of their career back then, and the band members were perhaps afraid that punk would sweep them away from the top, as it eventually did to other bands.