Lenny Kravitz Shares The Song He Found Himself Through

In a recent interview with Variety, Lenny Kravitz, the legendary rock icon, opened up about his musical journey. He revealed how the early stages of his career and the song ‘Let Love Rule’ from his debut album with the same name helped him find his true self. In the interview, Kravitz also shared some exciting updates on his upcoming projects, including a highly anticipated album set to release in Fall 2023.

The singer is currently gearing up for a 2024 tour while finalizing the mixing of his new ‘upbeat’ record, which he expects to drop in the fall. As he prepares for the awards show season, Kravitz is also on the hunt for the perfect team of collaborators to appear on his new record. This upcoming album holds a special significance for Kravitz, as it ties back to the early days of his career, which he struggled with.

In the initial stages, Kravitz recorded music under a different name but failed to gain traction with record labels. This period of his career was marked by repeated rejections, leaving him searching for a way to break through. It wasn’t until he met Henry Hirsch and Karl Denson that he was able to work on his debut single, ‘Let Love Rule,’ under his real name. This song marked a turning point for Kravitz, opening the door to success and ultimately leading him to find himself as an artist.

Reflecting on this transformative period in his career, Kravitz recognized the importance of embracing his true identity and following his intuition. By releasing ‘Let Love Rule’ under his real name, he not only gained recognition but also found himself. This sense of authenticity would become a cornerstone of his music, and in the recent interview, he shared how this experience inspired the theme for his upcoming album.

Kravitz expressed himself as follows:

“I was making music at that time under another name, and it didn’t happen. I found myself through [‘Let Love Rule’]. It was really sort of an epiphany album because I ended up using my real name and was like, ‘I guess this is what I’m supposed to be doing,’ but this new record celebrates the time before that. It’s the album I never got to do.

This poignant reflection reminds fans that even the most successful artists have their struggles and breakthrough moments. As Kravitz continues to evolve and create, his upcoming album promises to be an exciting exploration of his roots and an homage to the music that shaped him into the artist he is today.