Snowy White Reveals David Gilmour’s Sacrifice For Him

Guitarist Snowy White recently joined a chat with Andrew Daly of Guitar World and reminisced about his time working with Pink Floyd and how David Gilmour allowed him opportunities to showcase his skills, even in some lead parts.

White recalled the process of preparing to go on a tour with Pink Floyd with the following words:

“Again, it was very casual. Before we got on the road, they sent me all the albums, and I sat at home and listened to them, with a particular focus on the tracks they wanted me to play live. The first record I put on was ‘Wish You Were Here,’ and I found that to be quite nice, with some lovely guitar playing. So, that eased things up for a bit and made me feel like, ‘This is something I can handle, and maybe I can even add something here.'”

Then, he shared how they divided the guitar parts and Gilmour’s generosity in giving some lead parts to him:

“When we got to rehearsals, I roughly knew what I wanted to do and what was expected of me on each track. It was, as Dave said – some bass, some acoustic, some rhythm, some harmony, and even some lead. I must say that Dave was very generous with the leads and gave me chances to shine. He had a great feel for the songs, and he’d queue me in when he wanted me to take the lead or if he wanted me to hang back.”

In the same interview, White also revealed that he was reluctant to work with Pink Floyd in the first place as he was not interested in their music. The guitarist explained:

“I had ignored the calls at first because, at the time, I was a fairly narrow-minded blues player, and I didn’t know anything about Pink Floyd and didn’t care much to find out. Honestly, I thought they were drug-crazed hippies [laughs].

They had been messing about with all this funny stuff, and none of it was the sort of thing I was interested in. So, I didn’t call them. But somebody else mentioned it to me again and said, ‘Snowy, why don’t you call them? This would be a good gig for you.’ So, I thought about it, and I did.”

Snowy White joined Pink Floyd for their subsequent concert tours in 1977 and 1980, supporting the albums, ‘Animals’ and ‘The Wall.’ In 1978, Rick Wright requested White to play guitar on his solo album titled ‘Wet Dream.’ His association with Pink Floyd didn’t end there. In June 1990, Roger Waters invited Snowy to perform with him in the spectacular ‘The Wall’ show held in Berlin.