Slipknot’s Leaked Funko Pop! Figures Create Controversy Over Jay Weinberg

New Slipknot Funko Pop! figures are coming, but here is the catch: Jay Weinberg is also included in them, and now fans are discussing whether or not they were planned to be released before Weinberg’s exit.

While the leaked images of the figures surfaced last year, they do not align with any current announcements from official Funko accounts. Despite this, the Funko fan page on X shared the images of the six rumored Slipknot Pops on January 8th with the description:

“Slipknot fans! First look at 6 brand new Funko POPs! Thanks Marvel Funko News.”

What Do The Fans Think?

Towards the end of the previous year, a Reddit discussion on r/Slipknot implied that the series had been ‘canceled in light of recent events.’ After the post was shared on other fan sites, some Reddit users recently speculated that they might be released soon.

Some fans explained how it felt weird seeing the former drummer among the rest of the Slipknot members:

“I know these were probably made months in advance, but having Jay in here just feels weird now.”

Some even thought they were canceled after Weinberg was kicked out of the band:

“I thought these were cancelled after Jay got booted?”

And others are sure the figures were made before his departure:

“I’m sure these were made before Jay was kicked, but damn, it makes me sad seeing his.”

The Earlier Release Of Remaining Members’ Figures

In 2020, Pop! figures of Corey Taylor, Sid Wilson and now-former member Craig Jones were announced for release in 2021 under the line of Funko’s ‘Pop! Rocks.’ Subsequently, there was also a metallic Corey Taylor Slipknot Funko Pop! doll. Now people are wondering when the new figures are going to be released, and whether or not Weinberg’s split and his figure were planned beforehand.

Weinberg’s Split Was Not Well-Received

Slipknot said in a now-deleted statement that the band decided to ‘make a creative decision’ and split ways with their drummer. In addition to their explanation, they noted that not even Weinberg could replace the sound of their late drummer, Joey Jordison. Of course, this statement was not well-received by the fans.

After Slipknot announced the split, on their Instagram, their posts were eventually filled with hate comments and arguments about whether or not he was fired or he made the decision on his own. A week later, it was ultimately revealed that he was fired.

Despite the negative comments Slipknot got, Weinberg’s comment section was filled with many heartfelt and supportive words, and he even got the support of numerous rock and metal drummers.